Hi! I am Satvik, aka Eyekay. I am a Linux user and free software supporter from India, and this is my website. If you are here of your own volition and not because I sent you a link with the express instructions to like, share and subscribe if you ever want to see your friends and family again, congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones.

I am avid Linux user since I was 10 years old when I found a copy of Knoppix on a CD and decided to install it on my PC after I nuked it by installing something I should not have (this also serves as my official stance that all distros should be installable by a 10-year-old). 9 years later, equipped with an interest in free software and privacy, I am still using Linux (Debian as of writing, and also probably as of the time of your reading this page.)

Apart from that, I am an advocate of using privacy-friendly software and web services.

You can find me on the following social media platforms:

I am currently in my first year of B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science. Outside of computers, I am interested in world history, geopolitics and languages.


There is little reason to visit this graveyard website other than if you want one of these:

Eyekay’s Blog

My blog where I talk about Linux and computer technologies, the workings of internet, about surveillance and big tech, and also satirical press releases.

YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel about Linux, complete with clipping audio, the lack of video editing skills and an unintelligibly Indian accent.

Web Apps

Install websites as desktop applications. Written in Python, Gtk 4 and Adw. Install on Flathub or view the source code here.


Auto clicker for Linux which works on X11 and Wayland. Written in Python and GTK4. Install on Flathub or view source code here.

The following projects are incomplete and abandoned. You are welcome to see their source code/ binaries/ rotting corpses.

Tunnel Browser [Stagnant]

Tunnel is a simplistic, lightweight and minimalist web browser. It is a suitable alternative to popular browsers for old or less powerful hardware, or for using websites as PWA/ web apps. It is inspired by’s surf and the old Midori browser.

OpenBlock [Abandoned]

A GUI ad blocker for Linux which works by blocking the domain names of webservers hosting ads. Its command-line equivalent was my computer science project for my board exams.

Other Stuff

Debian Set-Up Script Generator: If you also install Debian frequently (you don’t), and you have a similar taste for software as me (you don’t) you can generate a set up script for running at first boot.