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The Best FOSS Apps for Android

There are few occasions where I download a FOSS (Free and Open Source) Android app, and go, ‘Wow, this is a really well-made app!’ For some reason, most FOSS apps on Android are usually never comparable to their proprietary counterparts. Some or the other feature never works, or some feature always glitches out for some reason, or it needs 5 additional apps to installed for some or the other feature to work, or certain features need proprietary blobs or libraries.

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Improve your GNOME experience (Step up your GNOME)

Its been a bit of a long-time-no-see because my school has been keeping me busy.

This is the script of the video of the same name I uploaded on YouTube, Odysee and PeerTube instance Tchncs.

Now, unlike XFCE, GNOME is a very tight-knit and well-integrated experience, with all the apps following a common design style, but that also means GNOME is far more difficult to customize as much as what XFCE and KDE, for example, offer. GNOME’s approach towards making a DE seems to be ‘We are making something we like, if you like it, good, but if you don’t, we don’t care’. The thing is that this generally seems to be working. GNOME is currently one of the most polished and well-integrated desktop environments present, and it has a huge community of people who like it. I myself really like its workflow and don’t really do that many changes to the default settings. (Oh, and by the way, I am using the default GNOME installation on Debian using the gnome metapackage.) So today I am going to talk about Stepping up your GNOME. (*laughter sound effects*)

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Pi-hole: Network-Wide Ad Blocking is the Best Thing I Didn’t Know About

My Raspberry Pi Zero W from two years ago, which was, for the best part of the aforementioned two years, sitting in my cupboard finally has a purpose: its a Pi-hole Network-Wide Ad Blocker!

I should mention that that Raspberry Pi has been through a LOT of projects. Initially bought for making a smart TV (fate: can’t run videos as its too weak), it went through projects for becoming an internet printer server (fate: neither the Pi nor the printer had ethernet), web server (fate: too weak), robot (fate: too complex, lack of parts, lack of knowledge, lack of interest), Minetest server (fate: too weak) and Nextcloud server (fate: too weak).

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