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My board computer science project(s)

I have been busy this year due to my board exams.

These are the projects I made for the practical of computer science. We only had to make one, but I didn’t like the first one I made (the wikipedia game) as it used object oriented programming which I don’t know yet and would not have been able to answer questions of (it was part of the boilerplate code I used from the official documentation). So I ended up using a system wide ad-blocker I had half-completed last year and reformatted it till it looked good and got it printed out.

A cross platform system-wide ad blocker:

A game where you have to move from a given wikipedia article to another using only the links in the articles:

Pi-hole: Network-Wide Ad Blocking is the Best Thing I Didn’t Know About

My Raspberry Pi Zero W from two years ago, which was, for the best part of the aforementioned two years, sitting in my cupboard finally has a purpose: its a Pi-hole Network-Wide Ad Blocker!

I should mention that that Raspberry Pi has been through a LOT of projects. Initially bought for making a smart TV (fate: can’t run videos as its too weak), it went through projects for becoming an internet printer server (fate: neither the Pi nor the printer had ethernet), web server (fate: too weak), robot (fate: too complex, lack of parts, lack of knowledge, lack of interest), Minetest server (fate: too weak) and Nextcloud server (fate: too weak).

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how i created my own website

To those of you wondering whether I have actually tried the steps mentioned here, I am the idiot who actually did all this. I made a Raspberry Pi server (without dynamic IP or DNS) just to test whether the 8-page article I wrote actually works. I shut it down after running it for about 2 minutes (I soon figured out my ever-useful Raspberry Pi Zero would not survive a single DDos attack (distributed denial-of-service attack- basically, so many devices try to access a website that the server overheats and explodes. Usually the aim is to shut down the website.) Guess it will now be used for hosting a minetest server as soon as I get how to do it

How to set up your own website (extreme hardcore version)

[Note: In one of the several server and hosting provider changes the images in this post have been unfortunately lost. Maybe you are better off not taking advice on how to make websites from me.__]

There are many reasons why you would want to have your own website. Maybe you want to advertise your shop or maybe you just want a blog. Maybe you want to create a website on how to create a website. Then its readers will make a website on how to make a website…

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