How I Set Up My Own Website: Part 2.

There is one post on this blog which details how to set up a website, and there is another which details my previous attempt at setting up an website on a Raspberry Pi 0 W. You can decide for yourself which should be considered as part one.

Also this is outdated, I am currently hosting this on InfinityFree’s free tier.

Also the above sentence is outdated as well, as of Jun-30-2022 I am not the owner of anymore as I forgot to renew it and have shifted to I need to stop updating this page at some point or it will finish up my storage limit.

The above statement is once again outdated, with probably every page where I mention this site’s hosting as I have, on Aug-11-2022, migrated my blog to Hugo.

As you have probably noticed, I have moved my blog and am now self-hosting it on instead. If you are new, I used to host this website on Blogger on the domain The following screenshot shows how it looked like in case I delete it (which I plan doing soon.)

[At one point in time during the several server and hosting provider changes this image has unfortunately been lost.]

The above statement is also outdated, I now use Hugo on

Update from 2023-03-12: I like updating this page. Now I am hosting this on my own, on using WordPress.

This post detailed how one could set up their own website and server. This website is made by following those instructions. The server is a laptop which I have connected to the WiFi router which has Ubuntu installed (I would have went with Debian but the installer wouldn’t boot from my Ventoy disk) with a standard WordPress installation. I also plan to set up a mail server, a Nextcloud server and a Minetest server, if it can handle it.

If you are actually interested, I used DigitalOceans tutorial here.

I manually copy-pasted the previous posts. That is why previous comments will unfortunately be lost.

I am using Dynamic DNS using Namecheap’s FreeDNS and ddclient to update it. I am also using Let’s Encrypt’s certbot for https certification.

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